We are happy to introduce ourselves:

German Lighting Society (LiTG)

The German Lighting Society , based in Berlin, is a registered technical-scientific association with over 100 years of history and around 2300 members. LiTG sees itself as a dynamic network and knowledge platform for all those interested in lighting for the dissemination of technical lighting knowledge. To this end, it offers a wide-ranging programme of events at regional, national and international level. It participates in the development of national and international standards and cooperates with the relevant professional organisations such as DIN, CEN, ISO, CIE and the international lighting societies. In addition, it produces and disseminates work and research results with the latest lighting technology findings in the form of technical-scientific publications.

Light Technology Society of Austria (LTG)

Lichttechnische Gesellschaft Österreichs LTG, like its German-speaking sister societies, is an independent association that has been dedicated to the entire field of lighting technology in theory and practice, further education and standardisation since 1924.

The LTG consists of a board of directors and individual specialist departments that draw up guidelines, manuals and recommendations. The lighting sector in Austria is traditionally a very technical one, dominated by technical planning offices, accompanied by the luminaire industry with its planning know-how. With its recent activities and its redefinition as an open interest group and platform for experts interested in lighting, the Austrian Lighting Society LTG is helping to raise awareness for high-quality planning and solutions, so that in future lighting designers will also be increasingly consulted for smaller projects. The exchange and discourse in outdoor and indoor lighting are in the express interest of the lighting society. The variety of lighting topics of our society and our time are addressed in various events, from the annual lighting congress to the “Licht + Architektur Dialog” (Light + Architecture Dialogue), network discussions and the training for ELEs. The Austrian Lighting Society LTG is open to all those interested in lighting and is an integral part of Austria’s lighting landscape.

Dutch Institution of Illuiminating Engineering (NSVV)

Dutch Institution of Illuiminating Engineering (NSVV): the Dutch authority, independent source of information and expert cooperation partner in the field of daylight and artificial light, indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. Guaranteed independent and always up to date with the latest national and international developments, scientific research results and (European) legislation and regulations. We bring parties together in the field of light that deliver tangible and mutual (business and/ or social) success and enter into co-creation with the end customer. We enrich society with light in a proactive, committed and passionate way.

light enriches our lives!

Swiss Light Society (SLG)

The Schweizer Licht Gesellschaft SLG stands for lighting expertise and is the leading industry association for all those who deal with light and lighting in their professional environment. In addition to specialist planners, dealers and manufacturers of lighting components, institutional building owners can be found on the list of members, as well as representatives of authorities and other professional associations. The SLG thus has a pool of experts for all lighting-relevant topics and, through this network, is the contact for all matters of visual perception. The focus is always on the careful use of resources and visual needs. The development and ongoing updating of national standards and guidelines is therefore of great importance.

The SLG also represents its concerns in international technical and standards committees and is a member of the European Lighting Experts Association ELEA.

Danish Center for Lighting (DCL)

Danish Center for Lighting (DCL) is a non-commercial association and network for professionals, aficionados and students working with light and lighting in Denmark. We are the country’s largest and oldest lighting organization (1948), and our approx. 600 members represent all kinds of light enthusiasts.

DCL communicates and promotes knowledge, competencies, and arguments for good light, in order that this insight can be used appropriately, sustainably and democratically to create joy, benefit and life with light. We hold the position as National office for CIE in Denmark. We have a seat in the S-061 under Danish Standards (DS/EN 12464-1 and sub standards), and we are National office in Denmark also for ELE – European Lighting Expert.

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