In order to be allowed to continue to use the title “European Lighting Expert”, every certified ELE must prove 5 years after his/her registration that the professional understanding is based on the current state of the art and the latest scientific findings. For this purpose, in the years following certification, ELE have the opportunity to renew a proof of competence through a continuing education management with a point system.

When must the re-registration be performed?

In the 6th year after the examination, you must re-register as an ELE. To do this, submit all the evidence and documents to the light society of your country.

How can I re-register as an ELE?

You collect continuing education points according to a point system. You earn points through various achievements and measures that you perform during the 5 years. These can be:

  • Participation in further education
  • Professional publications
  • Lectures, teaching
  • Realized projects

How does the points system work?

A total of 60 points must be earned in the 5 years, ideally 12 points per year. A maximum of 24 points can be credited in one year. Thus, it is possible to achieve the necessary re-registration points in a minimum of 2.5 years. Final points (minimum 12 points) must be accumulated in the last year before re-registration to ensure that the ELE is up to date with the latest technology and scientific knowledge.

You can find a list showing how many points you can receive for which activity in the information sheet in our download area.

What are the costs of the re-registration?

The total cost of re-registration is 125€.

Where do I submit proof of my activities?

Submit evidence of your activities in light and lighting to your country’s lighting society. You can find their contacts here.