Five years after ELE qualification, an ELE may apply for continued permission to be called “European Lighting Expert”. The application for renewal of the certificate with supporting documentation must be submitted at the end of the fifth year after the examination. Renewal of the license requires that the ELE demonstrates that they had kept their professional knowledge up to date based on the latest technology and scientific results. To this end, a points system is provided as a basis for demonstrating the updating of training and knowledge.

When must the re-registration be performed?

At the end of the 5th year after registration, you must re-register as an ELE. To do this, submit all the evidence and documents to the light society of your country.

How can I re-register as an ELE?

You collect continuing education points according to a point system. You earn points through various achievements and measures that you perform during the 5 years. Points can be obtained in different ways, e.g. by:

  • Participation in continuous training of various relevant nature
  • Participation in training and lectures
  • Producing Publications about light and lighting
  • Lectures, teaching in light and lighting
  • Realized Projects

Seminars, conferences, and other events used as a basis for renewal of the ELE certificate must have significant relevant professional content. The points system is based on awarding one point for two training units (2 x 45 min.) for participation in relevant continuing professional development.

Depending on the content and scope, a maximum of 12 points can be awarded for a completed project. In total, a maximum of 30 points can be obtained through completed projects. Realized projects must be proven by specifying the following parameters:

  • Brief description of the project
  • Timeframe
  • Number of light points
  • Working hours of the ELE in the project to light and lighting
  • Service phases

For publications and teaching/lecturing, points may be awarded depending on the subject/content and the length of time. A maximum of 30 points can be awarded, which represents half of the number of points required for the renewal of the ELE certificate.

All activities of the ELE listed for re-registration must be evidenced by certificates of attendance, written confirmations or similar documents and approved by the national organization.

If no documents for re-registration are submitted to ELEA, or the national representative office, one month after the required re-registration date, the name will be removed from the ELE register and registration as an ELE will be withdrawn. For re-registration, the examination must be successfully completed again.

How does the points system work?

A total of 60 points must be earned in the 5 years, ideally 12 points per year. A maximum of 24 points can be credited in one year. Thus, it is possible to achieve the necessary re-registration points in a minimum of 2.5 years. Final points (minimum 12 points) must be accumulated in the last year before re-registration to ensure that the ELE is up to date with the latest technology and scientific knowledge.

You can find a list showing how many points you can receive for which activity in the information sheet in our download area.

What are the costs of the re-registration?

The total cost of re-registration is 125€.

Where do I submit proof of my activities?

Submit evidence of your activities in light and lighting to your country’s lighting society. You can find their contacts here.