Become a European Lighting Expert

The European Lighting Expert Association (ELEA) has established a Europe-wide harmonised educational standard for light and lighting (Interior and Exterior), which is examined in the individual member countries by the national lighting societies. After passing the examination, registration with the ELEA as a European Lighting Expert (ELE) in Interior and/or Exterior Lighting takes place.

In the examination, candidates must demonstrate their skills in various areas. Interested parties can find support in their preparation in the training courses offered by the national lighting societies.

What makes an ELE?

As an ELE you have a proof that you:

  • can advise customers and communicate competently and confidently with partners around the topic of light.
  • understand the effect of light on people and the functions of the eye.
  • can plan lighting projects. This includes the conception, the planning, the supervision of the execution and the creation of a maintenance plan.
  • understand energy-efficient lighting solutions and the most important lighting management systems.
  • have the experience with physical principles of light control.
  • know the technical lighting quantities and units as well as the physical relationships.
  • feel certain about the optical properties of materials (absorption, transmission, reflection).
  • are versed in the color spectrum of light and understand terms such as color temperature and color rendering.
  • have an overview of lamp systems and know the advantages and disadvantages of LEDs.
  • know different types of lamps and their specifications.
  • can check lighting systems and carry out light measurements.


As a European Lighting Expert (ELE), you have official confirmation of your high level of competence in the field of light and lighting. This not only increases your level of recognition towards your customers, but also facilitates your access to interesting projects and exciting jobs within the European lighting industry.


You can be examined and certified as an ELE for indoor and/or outdoor lighting. The examination is based on the learning objectives set by ELEA, which cover a total of around 150 individual topics. The spectrum ranges from the basics to lighting planning and design. Not only theoretical knowledge is assessed, but also practical skills.

Wie werde ich ELE

How to become an ELE

To be able to register as an ELE, you have to take an exam with your national lighting society. For this purpose, corresponding further training courses are available in each participating country.

Register aller ELEs

All ELEs at a glance

After passing the exam, you will be included in the register of the European Lighting Expert Association (ELEA). Here you can be found by interested companies, customers and clients.

European Lighting Expert Association


ELEA was founded in 2016 by the lighting societies of Germany (LiTG), Austria (LTG), the Netherlands (NSVV) and Switzerland (SLG) in order to establish a Europe-wide standard of education.