For whom is the training, national examination and international registration as an ELE Interiour/ Exteriour Lighting intended?

The ELE concept is suitable for all candidates with different education and previous knowledge in the field of light and lighting.

You may have a qualification in another field but be new to the lighting industry. Even if you want to deepen or broaden your existing, specific knowledge, the ELE is suitable for you. The concept is also interesting for those who want to have a recognised confirmation of their knowledge and skills. An ELE can fulfil requirements that are demanding but do not necessarily require a university education.

The target groups include:

  • Electrical planners and installers
  • Architects, interior designers, engineers
  • Employees from the housing industry, facility management and wholesale trade
  • Responsible persons from municipalities and authorities
  • Sales staff from the lighting industry
  • Operators of lighting systems
  • Energy consultants

Whether you are a lighting beginner or already a lighting expert – the manufacturer-neutral and practice-oriented further training offers the ideal consolidation of your knowledge and optimal preparation for the ELE examination.