Advantages of the ELE

In addition to acquiring a broad range of knowledge in light and lighting, you will expand your network and obtain a title that is recognised throughout Europe, giving you an edge over the competition.

The ever more complex requirements in the field of light and lighting place ever higher demands on the skills of those working in this field. Their qualifications are difficult to assess for customers and companies against the background of the high number of titles awarded. Terms such as lighting designer and lighting consultant are not protected titles and say nothing about the qualifications of the people behind them.

The European Lighting Expert, however, creates a broadly coordinated, practice-oriented, independent and internationally recognised standard. The hallmarks of the European Lighting Expert (ELE) are a particularly broad-based knowledge and the practical skills acquired. Whereas in other places lighting technology and lighting design are often seen as opposites, with the European Lighting Expert they are equal aspects of good lighting.

As an ELE, you are not only a member of a constantly growing network, but also secure an advantage in competition with others through your knowledge and the recognised evidence of it. The constant adaptation to current circumstances of the learning content by the Executive Committee of ELEA and the regular monitoring of the examinations by the Quality Assurance Commission (QSK) ensure a high level of teaching and examinations.