ELEA was founded in 2016 by the lighting societies of Germany (LiTG), Austria (LTG), the Netherlands (NSVV) and Switzerland (SLG) to establish a Europe-wide educational standard. As a growing organisation, we are happy to welcome more members.

The tasks of the association ELEA, registered in Olten (Switzerland), are the administration and further development of the ELE concept, as well as the management of the ELE register. To this end, ELEA has adopted the following structure:

  • General Assembly

    The General Assembly is the supreme body of the Association and meets annually in the second half of the year.

  • The Board of Directors

    The Board of Directors currently consists of a President, two Vice-Presidents and one other member acting as Treasurer and Actuary.

  • Auditors

    The Auditors shall control the accounts of the Association and shall consist of at least two persons.

  • Executive Committee

    The Executive Committee is responsible for the ELE programme, maintains all documents and is responsible for the establishment and functioning of the necessary operational structures.

  • Quality Assurance Commission

    It monitors the correct, uniform implementation of the audit. For this purpose, the commissioners and their deputies regularly participate in audits in all member countries. The QSK is not bound by instructions to the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee.

  • Register and Secretariat

    The register and the secretariat are run on behalf of ELEA in Olten (Switzerland).



John de Joode
President & Chairman of the Board NSVV
Philippe Kleiber
Treasurer, Actuary & Managing Director SLG
Prof. Dr. Thomas Römhild
Vice President & Chairman of the Board LiTG

Manfred Mörth
Vice President & Managing Director LTG


Sonja Mörth
Managing Director LTG
Cornelia Vandahl
Treasurer LiTG

Executive Committee

Per Reinholdt
Director, Danish Lighting Center
Gino Gabriele
Head of Continuing Education SLG
Jens Israel
Lecturer LiTG & Sales Engineer
Dorin Beu
Marcel van der Staaij 
Chair Core Team Training & Certifications NSVV
Vera Oberhoff
Head of Continuing Education LiTG
Dr. Ir. Juliëtte van Duijnhoven
Assistant Professor TU Eindhoven
Chair Core Team Indoor NSVV


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Paul Schmits
Chairperson QSK & LiTG
Ivo Huber
President of SLG
Prof. Dr. habil. A. Rosemann
Chair holder TU Eindhoven/ NSVV
Dr. Raphael Kirsch
Vice-Chairperson QSK & LiTG
Dipl.-Ing. Horst Pribitzer
Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Hornischer
Chairperson LTG
Paul Settels

Marketing Committee

Vera Oberhoff
Head of Continuing Education LiTG
Geertje Hazenberg
Marketing NSVV


Präsident der ELEA
Dr.-Ing. Matthias Hessling
Honorary President ELEA & Member of the Board LiTG
Jan Meutzner
Vice-President NSVV